The Gold Show


Max Gimblett, Leaves of Gold, 25 x 25 x 2 in

For immediate release:

Gold is an intuitively consummate theme for the island of Palm Beach. Our GOLD SHOW will consider how our associations to the material conjure the most fundamental drives for luxury, social prestige and hierarchy as well as spiritual sublimity and largess. 

New narratives are born as the artists consider how this relatively inert metal rouses and speaks to our unconscious; indeed, a chief concern of the artists is the alchemical potency of gold when it interacts with the human psyche. The implementation of gold into art - how it becomes a base, or layer for a specific piece - somehow re-contextualizes the work, transmutes it or elevates it. 

In particular, Henry Mandell and Stanley Casselman works lift the viewer with their intricate surface quality and intensity of color - one dances in and out of proximity as geometric shapes and pure texturality shift. With Max Gimblett’s gold quatrefoil’s as well as Joan Snyder’s mixed media canvases, one has an immediate “seeing” - and not merely the sensuous, but an almost axiomatic insight into the art object as elegant simplicity and order. Each artist presents a unique subjectivity in his or her relationship to gold, not simply glorifying it, but infusing it with an idiosyncratic aesthetic. 

The GOLD SHOW is on view from February 11th-25th that Brintz Galleries, Palm Beach. Opening reception will be Thursday, February 11th from 6-8 PM. 

The artists in the exhibition will include: Ammanda Seely Salzman, Henry Mandell, Joan Snyder, Ryan McGuiness, Max Gimblett, Herbert Mehler, Stanley Casselman, Eric Starosielski, Jeff Muhs, Thomas Glassford and Rorschach.

For more information concerning the exhibition, please contact Dalton D. Freed at or phone 561.469.7771.

Brintz Galleries is a contemporary art gallery in Palm Beach, Florida. Opened in April of 2014, the gallery exhibits works by emerging and established artists from around the world.