Casselman x Forbes


If You Love Warhol, Koons And Hirst But Can't Spend Millions, Try These Emerging Artists For Less

Forbes recently wrote an article that provides some insight to collectors who may not be ready to toss around 40 million dollars, but are eager to satisfy their collecting cravings. Stanley Casselman was one among four other emerging artist's who made the list. 


If you love Richter...

"Ever since acclaimed critic publicly challenged artists to make him a perfect fake Richter in 2012, Stanley Casselman has gotten very busy. What Saltz saw in Casselman's "copies" is now his trademark style that has earned him respect, impressive gallery representation and a gaggle of Contemporary Art collectors following his work. His technique, handling of paint, light and color are all Richter-like, without being pale imitations. His series include "Inhaling Richter", aptly titled with "IR" numbers, which really sum up Casselman's work. It is really as if he inhaled a Richter painting and exhaled a prettier, easier-to-live-with version for our viewing pleasure.
While Saltz paid Casselman only $155 for his painting, starting a major upwards trend, one can be yours starting at around $6,500. The work pictured above is huge, and sells for $27 thousand. Considering a Richter of similar size sells over $27 million, Casselman is my favorite no-brainer purchase."

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Stanley Casselman, Luminor 1-13, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 78 by 78 in. Works from $6,500, varying with size. (Image courtesy Jim Kempner Fine Art)