Array 12B acquired by the RISD Museum

"Array 12B was recently acquired by the RISD Museum into their permanent of prints and drawings. I am happy to have the work enter such a vital collection which ranges from Ancient Art and artifacts, Asian Art, Contemporary Art, Textiles, Design, Prints and Drawings.   The museum and The Rhode Island School of Design were founded in 1877, by a visionary Rhode Island Women’ s Centennial Commission with modest funds remaining from the fundraising for the Women’s pavilion at the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia.   A decision between erecting a drinking fountain or creating a school of design resulted in the choice to found this vital school.
Array 12B presents a conundrum. It appears to be a work about space and the formal problems of depicting depth within a picture. It also presents the flatness of patterns where tonal value resists form. The work varies depending on the distance from which it’s viewed.
Composed from thousands of discreet marks of a scale that can be both seen individually and combine optically into a field, it moves between abstraction and concrete form. The appearance of depth and form in the painting changes with distance. Collapsing at a certain point, from a third dimension down to two. It is knit up into a kind of cloth-like field but it isn’t a static situation."

Array 12 B ultrachrome inkjet on canvas 61 x 44 inches 2014